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NOTE:  This car has already been sold!  This page is for archive purposes only.  Please visit the "For Sale!" page for current items.

1997 Saturn SC2 - $2,750/obo!!

  1. General Specs:

    • ~198,500 miles (engine has ~121,000 miles)

    • 1.9L DOHC engine

    • 5-speed manual transmission with MP2 5th gear installed (*)

    • Saturn floor mats

    • AM/FM stereo

    • air conditioning

    • arm rest

    • cruise control (*)

    • 15" steel rims

    • 195/60-15 BFG Touring T/A tires

    • Class 1 trailer hitch

    • KYB GR-2 struts with stock springs

    • "big bore" throttle body

    • Hotshot air intake with K&N filter & mounting bracket

    • K&N crankcase 'air' filter

    • SPS 4-way adjustable rear sway bar

    • SPS 2.0" stainless steel exhaust with Dynomax muffler

    • (*) About the MP2 5th gear: A standard DOHC 5th gear runs at ~3,000rpm @ 70mph.  This MP2/SOHC gear allows the car to run at ~2,650rpm @ 70mph.  This means slightly better fuel economy and less wear and tear on the engine.  The only downside is the cruise control doesn't work while in 5th gear. If you would like the stock gear re-installed I will do that free of charge.

  2. Condition:

    • Exterior : Glossy paint.  No body damage.  One minor rock chip in the windshield (hasn't increased in ~6 years).  The drivers side door applique, top strip and top strip end cap should be replaced (picture).  A new applique is included, but you'll have to install it yourself (requires a rivet gun).  The door should also be properly aligned (opens/closes ok, but sticks a little and has increased wind noise).

    • Interior : As close to new as a 1997 with 198,500 miles on it can get. Owned by a non-smoker, no stains, no tears in the seats, perfect carpet, perfect floor mats except for the 'heal mark' under the gas pedal.

    • Mechanical : No know issues.  Recently passed PA emission and safety inspections (emission test results).  Received new front brakes ~6 months ago, new rear wheel bearings ~1 year ago, new passenger side front wheel bearing ~6 months ago, new timing chain ~1 week ago.  Oil changed regularly (Mobil 1).  No issues with high oil consumption.

    • History : The car was raced in the past (One Lap 2003 class winner!), but it has been well maintained. Almost everything that was abused during One Lap 2003 was replaced with new parts a few months after the event (struts, brakes, tires, etc.). The nitrous was only used during the event itself and was removed shortly after. Cylinder compression checked out ok at time of removal. Aside from a few minor fender benders, the car has only been in one minor accident and everything was replaced/fixed by a professional body shop.

  3. Included extras (a ~$500 value!):

    • (1) stock rear sway bar (used) with two new bushings

    • (1) Pioneer cd player with mounting kit/etc. (used) (picture)  --- Works fine, just doesn't play MP3's, CDRW's, etc.

    • (1) OE S-Series cat-back exhaust (used, low miles)

    • (1) drivers side window applique (new) (picture)

    • (1) OE front rubber brake line (open, but new) (picture)
    • (1) K&N drop in air filter (with stock intake)
    • (1) set of Saturn shop manuals (3 binder set) (picture)

    • (1) Haynes manual (picture)

    • (1) set of eight OE intake valves (new) (pic 1) (pic 2)

    • (1) set of eight OE exhaust valves (new) (pic 1) (pic 2)

    • (1) 15" steel rim with a used 195/60-15 tire

    • (1) OE engine gasket set (new) (picture)

    • (1) ashtray and lighter (never used) (picture)

    • (1) gauge trim with switches (picture)

    • (1) engine harness (used) (picture)

    • Anything else we can find laying around related to the car (bolts, nuts, caliper parts, gaskets, etc.).  (example)

If you have any questions, please email us (click here).