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The Porsche driven by David Carr and Dale Seeley ... Start Line    Turn one    Front straight    Bus stop

The Corvette driven by Dan Swain and Tim Swain of Swain Technologies ... 

Front straight (take one)    Front straight (take two)    Bus stop

The turbo Saturn SC1 driven by Chris Berube and Tom Brandlehner ...

Front straight (take one)    Going slow (take one)    Going slow (take two)    Going slow (take three)

Going through the Sss'es    Bus stop (take one)    Bus stop (take two)

The Audi TT driven by Stu Sacks and Pearce Sloan ...  Bus stop

The Impala SS driven by Howard LaFever and Mark Grzella ... Bus stop

The PT Cruiser driven by Donald Kahn and Kevin Clarke ...  Bus stop

The Ford SVT driven by Brian Healy and Ed Olkkola ...  Bus stop

Our personal favorite ...  Front straight

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