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Shots from the pits and turn one

Shots of the Porsche 911 in Vintage Foreign driven by David Carr, and joe chase.  They ended up 45th overall and 5th in class.  Great job guys ... car looks great.

Shots of Saturn's SC1.  Modifications included a killer suspension, modified engine, and of course ... a 6psi turbo system.  They finished 22nd overall, and 1st in Economy.  Keep up the good work guys!!  Let me know when I can pick one of these baby's up at the dealer!!  :-) ...

Here's some shots of the guys from Swain Technologies.  If you ever need an coatings done to engine internals, brakes, or just about anything else ... give them a call.  This Corvette is pretty much bone stock (besides a few special coatings from Swain), but it did really well.  :-) 

Some cars that snuck in ...

Here's a brand new Subaru WRX.  Just in case your wondering how it did ... it came in 59th overall, and 9th in class (Mid-Priced Sedan).  Just to give you an idea of how it did ... the Saturn LW300 wagon (pictured above), beat it.

Here's "the man" (Brock Yates) walking around the pits ...