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Miscellaneous shots

Found this at the store before heading to the Glen.  Humm ... wonder if it'll fit my car.  ;-)

The team of Roy Hopkins, Nancy Becker, Adrienne Hughes powered 330i to a 16th place overall victory this year, and a first place win in Mid-Priced Sedan.  Great job guys (and gals).  More amazing ... is this car is pretty much bone stock!!  The only modifications to it are tires, rims, and an upgraded suspension.  No engine / tranny mods, no roll cage, no nitrous.  Just imagine what he could have done with the turbo Saturn SC1!!  :-)

This car was driven by the team of Stu Sacks and Pearce Sloan to a respectable 40th place overall, 15th in class.  Not bad considering this Audi TT is pretty much bone stock.  It's for sale ... so if anyone's interested ... feel free to email us, and we'll get you in touch with Stu.

Kind of ironic ... having the after event party right next to this place.  I wonder if anyone tried trading in their car.  After all, most of the cars are brand new with only around 5,000 miles on them.  ;-)