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05/13/05:  We just got back from The Cannonball One Lap of America 2005 event.  We finished 8th overall, and 1st in class!!

Videos and Pictures:  (click here)
Official Results:  (click here)

09/20/04:  The SC2 is almost back to stock form.  Check out the "For Sale!" page for the last of the "go-fast" parts!

07/27/04:  Check out the picture of our One Lap SRT4, found on page 132-133 in the August 2004 issue of Car and Driver magazine!!

05/08/04:  For the second year in a row, we took 1st place in the Economy class of the Cannonball One Lap of America.  Even better, we took 20th overall!!  For more information, head over to The 2004 Cannonball One Lap of America official site:

04/19/04:  The Cannonball One Lap of America starts in a few days (April 29th)!!  For all the latest info and live video updates from the road, head over to ...

03/24/04:  We're selling the Saturn!!!  Spring is finally here.  Out with the old, and in with the new.  We're not sure what the "new" will be yet, but we need to sell the Saturn to raise money for it.  Check out the "For Sale!" page for great deals on performance parts for your Saturn.

03/07/04:  The 2004 Cannonball One Lap of America event is fast approaching!!  (click here for more info)

03/06/04:  We started up the 1997 SC2 for the first time this year.  With a little help from a battery charger, it turned over without any problems.  A spirited drive turned up no issues, other then the fact that we cannot wait for the 2004 racing season to begin.  In typical upstate New York fashion, it started snowing about thirty minutes after we returned from our test drive.  Looks like the car will have to rest for another few weeks.

05/27/03:  One Lap 2003 information ...

05/15/03:  Our One Lap of America 2003 partner team is back online  ... check them out at

05/12/03:  We're putting together a group buy for the Hye-Dra-Cyl brake setup (4-piston calipers and 12.2" rotors) we used for One Lap 2003.  For more information, head over to our "For Sale" page.

05/02/03One Lap of America starts today!!  We're doing the final car preps and packing the car this morning, then heading down to Watkins Glen for registration.  The racing begins tomorrow morning at 8:00AM.  It's going to be a LONG day.

Before we leave, we'd like to take one last chance to thank a few people/businesses that made this possible.  Thanks to Hye-Dra-Cyl for providing us with a really good front brake system (4-piston calipers and 12.2" rotors).  Thanks to who provided us with a backup engine.  Thanks to the Saturn Performance Club for all of their support and providing daily web updates for us.  Thanks to our girlfriends/wives that let us do this without too much resistance (don't worry, we'll be paying them back later I'm sure).  Thanks to Alan S. and Rich S. (no relation) for their help getting the car ready.  Thanks to the United States Military for putting their lives on the line so we could have the freedom to do this.  Thanks to our co-workers for putting up with all the car talk.  Thanks to anyone else we forgot to thank ... don't worry, I'm sure there will be more thank you's after the event.

03/06/03:  Our 2003 Tirerack Cannonball One Lap of America official press release!!

01/11/03:  Lots of new items have been added to the "For Sale" page!!

01/03/03:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  Check out the updates to "The Car" ...

11/09/02:  It's been a while since we've updated the site, but you won't be disappointed with the latest updates.  We are currently working on them!!

06/13/02:  It's almost time for the 5th annual Saturn Performance Club rally!  The rally will be held around the Chicago and Detroit areas from August 3rd till August 9th.  We will be there August 9th to join in the fun.  (click here for more info)

06/08/02:  Cannonball One Lap of America 2002 Photos!!  (click here)

05/13/02:  Cannonball One Lap of America 2002 -- By Jamin Cummings (click here)

04/22/02:  Due to getting home around 4am on Saturday, and spending all weekend working on the new backup car, we had to wait until today to update all of you on the track school at Summit Point.  

It went without a hitch ... at least the car did.  The school itself was run pretty loose, everyone for themselves.  We had different instructors every run, each with their own idea of how to instruct.  One didn't say anything, one grabbed the wheel a few times, and the other was trying to make conversation while we had his life in our hands.  I'm sure if we had the same instructor throughout the day, we would have been fine.  By the end of the day, we were asking for Jen, the Sticker Chick, for an instructor next time.

We also learned that our BFGoodrich CompT/A's are no good at all when it rains out, at least at Summit Point.  Our last run of the day it rained for about twenty minutes, leaving a nice slick track for us to drive on.  We managed to pull off a complete 180' when going into turn one, luckily we were able to get it under control and stay on track so the ten cars behind us didn't hit us head on while coming around the turn.  After a few well deserved beeps and waves by passing One Lap drivers, we were back on the rain line ... which is completely different then the dry line at Summit Point.  

Even with the mix up of instructors, the exhausting drive, rain, the 180', and a bit of farming, we were glad to have had the chance to see Summit Point before the start of One Lap.  Besides ... even a bad day at the track is still better then a good day at work.

03/26/02:  We just returned from a track school at Limerock Park, all we can say is "wow".  Limerock is an excellent track.  The surface is fairly new, and has lots of grip to offer.  We were running on street tires, and by the end of the day, we were flying.  The group that put on the school was SCDA.  They are a great group that put on an even better school with lots of quality instructors.  We were lucky enough to have Jen (the Sticker Chick) as our instructor (thanks Jen!!).

Due to a risk of a snow/rain mix, we left the digital camera at home ... then it turned out to be a great day, a little cold, but no rain/snow at all.  Better safe then sorry.  We wanted to focus on our driving, not protecting the camera.

03/18/02:  The Carrera struts and 4-way adjustable rear sway-bar are now installed.  We can't wait to get them on track at Limerock next Monday (03/25/02).  We'll keep you posted!!

03/17/02:  After getting the struts from Carrera in the fall, we decided not to install them until spring.  Well, spring is almost here, so we will be installing them this weekend.  A few days ago, we dry fitted the inserts into the housings to make sure everything fit right.  Come to find out, some of the threads were messed up on the housings.  Both fronts were ok, but both rears were so messed up that they would be impossible to install as is without stripping the threads.

We looked high and low, no one had a tap & die set big enough for the strut housings.  A local performance shop sent us over to Jasco Tools in hopes that they could fix the threads for us.  We were lucky enough to meet up with Bruce, a Sr. Manufacturing Engineer for Jasco.  He was nice enough to take a look at the struts for us, even though we found out that they really don't do walk in type work like this.  He was able to come up with a "thread file" to help us out.  We were able to get the body nut to go about half way into the strut housings, but they still needed a little more work.  Bruce didn't know what size the threads were, so we had to find out before we could do more work without damaging them further.

On Saturday ... when we were suppose to be installing the struts ... we tried a last ditch effort, stop and ask for directions.  We tried every tool shop around, no one had a tap & die set big enough to fix our strut housings.  We stopped in at McAllister sign shop and spoke with Chris McAllister.  She pointed us towards a machine shop around the corner from them,  CDA Machine Inc..  We were lucky enough to meet up with Bill Crosby.  He was able to fit us into his busy schedule and get the threads fixed within a few hours time.  While we were there, he gave us a tour of the shop, and boy were we surprised!  Full engine dyno, chassis dyno in the works (only one within an hours drive of here), flow bench, full machine shop, custom coatings, and lots of other toys.  We'll most likely be making more then a few stops by this shop in the near future.

02/03/02:  We have just signed up to race in One Lap of America 2002.  The Saturn still needs some work before it will be ready to enter, but we were lucky enough to find a ride in a 1989 Honda Civic Si (many thanks to Mike Roberts).  We will keep you updated!!

12/22/01:  Yes, contrary to popular belief, we're still alive.  We've been gearing up for the winter by doing some regular preventative maintenance.  We bought four new BFGoodrich Comp T/A HR4's from Dunn Tire (if your in the Rochester area, email us and we'll set you up with Scott at Dunn Tire).  We now have over 108,000 miles logged on the car, and after the abuse we put it through on the street and track, no problems to report.  That's got to say something about the quality of Saturn automobiles.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.  Santa, if your reading this, we could really use a limited slip, some lightweight racing rims, and ... if you can arrange it, the people responsible for 09/11/2001 handed over to the proper authorities.  If you can arrange that, we will personally bake you as many cookies as you'd like.

Just an update on the Spikes Spider's ... we have found a buyer for them.  Thank you to the many, many people that emailed us for more info on them.  Now the buyer is just waiting for some snow here (December 22, and no snow yet!!!).

11/26/01:  We just found out that R.A.D. acquired the shell of a 2001 Saturn LW300 to be used for drag racing.  Click the logo below for more info about the car and R.A.D.

09/11/01:  Just to let everyone know, we here at Spin or Win Racing are fine.  We are six hours away from NYC (New York's a BIG state).  We also received reports that the members of the SPC near NYC are ok too.  There have been a few bomb threats in our city, but thank God they were only threats.  The people that reported them have been arrested.

We are asking everyone to please donate whatever you can to the Red Cross


07/06/01:  We just got back from the 2001 SPC Summer Rally.  Boy was it a blast!!  For those of you who haven't attended a SPC rally yet ... your really missing out.  Drag racing, Go-Karting, racing on a track, and miscellaneous other things ... all packed into a few short days.  If you can't attend One Lap ... this is the next best thing (and it's just about all Saturn's).   (Click here see the photo's we took)  BTW, while on the rally, we flipped over 100,000 miles!!

06/19/01:  After four years of driving long distances for racing events ... we finally broke down today and bought a cruise control kit (OE parts from the dealer, thanks to Saturn of Rochester!!!).  It's not a performance upgrade ... but it's so easy to install ... we had to mention it for people that don't have it yet.  It was so easy, we couldn't even justify doing a "How-To" on it.  :-)  (Just a word of warning ... if your at all afraid of playing with the airbags, make sure to have the dealer install the kit for you)

06/04/01:  We helped work STPR 2001 in Pennsylvania.  It's the biggest rally of it's kind in the United States.  For more info, visit the Finger Lakes Region SCCA site.  For photo's we took ... click here (warning ... lots of pics!!)!!

05/19/01:  We've added a set of 14" Spikes-Spider's to the "Items for Sale" page.

05/13/01:  Due to a business trip, Spin or Win Racing was basically on vacation the whole month of April.  But here's some of the things that have happened recently to make up for it ...

  • New flex-pipe and muffler installed to fix exhaust leak.  We've decided to save the money it would have cost for the 2.25" exhaust for some upkeep on the car.  The exhaust will be installed when more serious modifications are done to the engine / car.  In the mean time, we will be installing a "non pre-cat" stock exhaust manifold.  This is the same manifold sold in just about every state except for California and New York.

  • New Carbotech F-Compound pads and new rotors have been installed on the front of the car.  After sitting for a month, the car was in serious need of rotors.  We also replaced the oil and sparkplugs.

  • We've installed a passenger side Schroth Rallye 4 harness.  This will make for safer rides for passengers taking rides with us at schools, open tracks, etc.

  • We visited the finish of One Lap of America 2001!!!

03/23/01:  We have decided on a new 2.25" aftermarket exhaust system (pipe, cat, muffler, etc.).  It is scheduled to be installed the weekend of March 31st.  We are also planning to have the 1992 Saturn exhaust header added into the system, which should give us about 6 more HP minimum (probably more because of the New York / California emissions we are running now).  We will be posting photo's as soon as the install is done.  

02/23/01:  We have just posted an article about "The Risks of Racing" on the "How-To's" page.  It gives everyone some basic tips on how to keep it safe on the street, as well as the race track.

01/01/01:  We have updated our "2001 Events" page to reflect the upcoming Saturn Performance Club 2001 Summer Rally.  All are welcome to attend, even if you don't own a Saturn, or don't want to race your vehicle.

12/31/00:  We here at Spin or Win Racing would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.  Please party responsibly, and as always, keep the racing off the streets.

12/27/00:  We have received our 1992 Saturn factory header and lower pipe courtesy of Saturn Services (a.k.a. Saturn Used Parts).  We are currently looking into different exhaust system options to prepare a new system for Spring.  We are hoping for at least a 6-7HP gain.  Expect a How-To to show up after completion.

12/23/00:  Due to the amount of abuse our transmission has seen in it's short life, a rebuilt is going to be necessary shortly.  More won't be known until we can open the transmission and check out the internals.  We will post photo's, as well as a short How-To after the work has been completed.  With any luck, work will begin shortly.

10/23/00: Saturn Fest is over for 2000. It ran from October 22 to October 28. Check out for more info.

10/03/00: We just got home from another two day school presented by Driving Ambitions at Watkins Glen. It was well worth the money. In a nice turn of events, there happened to be a photographer present at the school ( We are currently working on getting our hands on some quality photo's for the website (here are some thumbnails). The racing springs made a huge difference in the way the car handled in the turns. We were able to hug the turns and stay on line a lot easier then with the factory springs. Now that we can put the power down, it's time to start looking for some serious power gains (after finding some new struts).

09/18/00: The new springs are in and working great! The car is 1.75" lower in the front, and 1.25" lower in the rear. While braking and accelerating, the front end doesn't nose dive, or lift at all. It's great. We can't wait to get it out on the track Oct. 2-3. For a "How to" on the install ... follow this link: (click here)

09/15/00: Spin or Win Racing has joined forces with Lake Effect Racing. We feel that this is a good move for all involved. For those of you who don't know, Lake Effect Racing was responsible for the Turbo Neon in this year's One Lap.

09/14/00: The new racing springs are in. We're going to be installing them this weekend. If your interested in stopping by to see how to install struts/springs, feel free to e-mail us for directions.

09/09/00: FINALLY, AN UPDATE!!!! Between starting a new "non race related" job, getting the car back on track, and a few other things going on in life, there hasn't been any time for the web page. We will be changing a few things around soon, so bare with us while we're under construction.

January through August 2000: Here's a list of a few things that happened while we were "gone" ...

  • One Lap 2000

  • Engine swap

  • Picked up some new sponsors

  • Participated in a few track schools and auto-x's

12/31/99:  Check out the 2000 Event's page for some newly planned events.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but it'll at least give you some idea of what's to come!  Oh yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

12/19/99:  There are some changes a brewing here at Spin or Win Racing this Holliday season.  Be sure to check back here around the start of the New Year for a possible announcement!

12/15/99:  Just in case I don't get a chance to email everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Thanks for all of your continued support!

11/27/99:  I received a CD in the mail a few weeks back from Hugh O'Doherty to review.  This weekend I got the opportunity to listen to it.  On the CD he's got a song called, "I Love My Saturn".  If you to love your Saturn, I'd suggest picking this one up.  Some of the references he makes to his experiences are pretty close to what I hear most other Saturn owners saying.  Things like, "all I do is change the oil, and add some gasoline".  It sounds like something that the "happy Saturn family" would listen to.  So hurry out now, and order your copy for that special someone for the holidays.  You can reach Hugh by emailing him at this address:

Individual and bulk orders of CD singles or cassette singles of the song are now available from Artist Development Associates (ADA), at 1(800) 937-3397 or visit their web site at: